Monday, April 26, 2010

Howard’s Inner Circle, No. 10: 2011 Accounting Cover Stories

For many years each month as editor-in-chief of Practical Accountant I decided on what would be the cover story. It wasn’t hard do but for one fact; we had to decide on the subject matter as much as a year and a half before the issue came out. The reason was the editorial calendar had to be in place in July of the preceding year and there was no guarantee that each month there would be a development affecting the accounting profession worthy of cover story coverage.

Because habits are hard to break I decided why not have some fun and pick out 12 possible 2011 cover story candidates now for a magazine for the accounting profession.

Tentative and Very Hypothetical 2011 Editorial Calendar
January--Plethora of Estate Tax Engagements
February--How CCH, RIA, Intuit, LexisNexis, and Others Are Utilizing CPA Firms as Business Partners
March--Reverse Mentoring: Overcoming a Firm Management’s Deep-Grained Aversion
April--Success Stories and Best Practices from Early Social Media Adopters
May--Increasing Revenue and Correctly Positioning a Firm During an Economic Downturn
June--CRM: What Firms and Clients Are Doing Wrong
July--Regionals Replacing Nationals as Auditors of Public Companies
August--Outsourcing Manufacturing and Distribution Functions
September--Walking the Cost-Cutting Walk: Fee Reductions on Modified Engagements Complement Advice
October--Tax Prep--Protecting Against Fee Erosion and Client Flight
November--The Practice Development Joint Ventures Art Form
December--Hidden Benefits of Firm Associations, State Societies, and Trade Groups
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The above is from the tenth issue of the newsletter, Howard’s Inner Circle, which periodically appears on the blog, “Instigator” at It may be reproduced in full if that fact is stated and Howard Wolosky is credited as the author.

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