Friday, November 25, 2011

Howard’s Inner Circle, No. 41: Your Legacy Is How You Live Your Life

"In my many years as Dean of Boys, I never come across a more enthusiastic young man who is at the same time social-minded, energetic, and fine tempered … a leader of vision, pronounced executive ability, courage and splendid civic ideals.”-- G.M., 6/4/45

“You have a rare gift of creative leadership coupled with a feeling of personal responsibility for carrying through details.” -- A.W., 6/18/48

“ … has made a very enviable record as a student, as a man – and your son. We only wish we could hold him here indefinitely, for he has an uncanny gift of keeping everybody around him working at top speed and yet happy at the same time.” – R.B., 5/21/48

“Not only is the report the best and most comprehensive of any that has been prepared during the past six years, but it reflects operations of the Law School Committee which have been more extensive, far better planned, and far more effectively carried out than those of any of your predecessors since the War.” – E.G., 3/12/52

“[T]he free dinner at Harness Commons which we gave the entire first-year class on the Saturday before school opened, along the lines of your suggestions, has resulted in more business than we ever had in Harness at this time. The Dining Hall Department has also got some good art work on its interesting posters advertising meal hours, etc., and we have not forgotten the work which you did in producing these various thoughts and others.” -- L/H., 9/23/52

“He was a leader in the social and civic programs of the Law School and was principally responsible for the inauguration at Harvard of a program to develop community leadership among the students.” –R.M., ?/?/??

If you are lucky this human being or someone like him touched your life.
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