Tuesday, November 10, 2009

President Obama: With All Due Respect, I Am Still Waiting

The following was sent to the White House via e-mail a number of weeks ago (I checked the box asking for a reply) and the only thing I received so far was a mailing with President Obama’s name on it asking for a political contribution.
“We as a nation need to publicize what an untapped and extremely valuable resource the unemployed are as they currently are. Rather than defining someone’s worth, “being currently unemployed” should be shown as equivalent to a respected profession. I believe the need to change perceptions is a key imperative especially because of the percentage of unemployed, the length of time they will be employed, and the ages of the unemployed. In my opinion, it is a priority similar to providing benefits and training.
“Governments at all levels should take the lead role in this regard by setting up programs where unemployed individuals apply their skills helping business, not-for-profits, and governments in a limited role for a limited time. In return, those individuals might be able to obtained reference and testimonials regarding their work. I written about one way the media can help in my October 7th entry in my blog entitled, “Might Seem Counterintuitive, But It’s Not at http://howardwolosky.blogspot.com/. Please read it as I couldn’t paste the text down because of the limitations of the White House system.
“G-d bless all including all the readers of the e-mail. Hopefully, the last reader will be President Obama
“Sincerely yours,
“Howard Wolosky”

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