Saturday, February 26, 2011

Howard’s Inner Circle, No. 29: “Simple” Rules to Live By?

There are three basic rules that I try to live by. They don’t provide a moral compass or perpetuate any religious belief. But rather allow me to be very comfortable with my decisions and actions.

Rule No. 1: Stay in the Present—The past is to be learned from, not relived. The future can be planned for, but not fanaticized about. Being right here in the present helps me maintain the proper perspective and focus. This concentration prevents my mind from wandering and allows me to perform at my optimum level.

Rule No. 2: Watch for Emotions—Reacting emotionally doesn’t mean that you are right or wrong. But it does reflect a fight-or-flight mentality allowing others to comment on and criticize the emotional outburst, instead of addressing the issue at hand. Putting the emotional component in context and under control brings clarity.

Rule No. 3: Go With Your Gut—We listen to our heart, to our mind, and sometimes to both. Neither one nor the two together are as reliable as the gut. Your heart can prevent you from seeing what you need to see. While you mind might make an out-of-context intellectual decision. Listening to your gut ensures that all conscious and unconscious considerations are factored in.

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